Class Reunion Survey - 35+1

We are considering a 35+1 (36 year Reunion).  We would love your input to the following questions so that we can plan accordingly.  Also, if you have any other suggestions please let us know.  The more information and input from the class will only help to make our reunion awesome.

Thanks for your input,

Sue White Broderick

Kim Orosz Grosso

Pru O'Brien

Lynne Gillotti Parks

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1)   * Would you consider attending the 35+1 (36 year reunion)

Yes No
2)   * Would time of the year would work better for you? During the Summer, a Holiday Season or September 2019?

3)   * Would you prefer just Appetizers & Drinks? or Appetizers, Drinks and Dinner?

4)   * Would you prefer an Open Bar or Cash Bar?

5)   * Would you prefer Live Music or DJ?